Services Offered

I am here to support families. Whether you have just received a new diagnosis or you are looking to improve the relationship with your child. I offer both home and school based services. Providing home based training from a research based, parent implemented model, so that you can provide intervention for your child within your own home. In addition to parent training, Sara also offers Educational Advocacy and Consultation so that you may receive guidance in receiving the best possible Educational services for your child.

Educational Consulting
Home and Virtual Support through PLAY.
Educational Advocacy

Support for families and professions gaining insight and support for students who are facing challenges in the educational setting.

Services include:

  • Conducting comprehensive observations to gain insight on current classroom challenges.

  • Creating behavioral interventional plans for individualized students.

  • Creating specific programming and curriculum for students with specific learning challenges.

  • Developing sensory based strategies for support in the educational environment.

  • Assistance for in creating IEP goals and 504 plans.

  • Recommendations for classroom placement as well as strategies for successful mainstreaming.

  • Consultation and training for staff to help understand and accommodate students with specific issues and needs.

  • Providing observations and comprehensive reports as part of an IEE.


Support to help guide families through challenges affecting family dynamics and relationships.

Services include:

  • Parent/ Child support- hands on support helping to improve the parent and child relationship.

  • Parent Coaching- Providing consultation to parents with concerns.

  • Home based social play dates- support in helping to guide peer social relationships.

  • Sibling support- guidance on how to improve sibling relationship and interaction.

  • PLAY Project -Home Consultation services delivered by a Licensed PLAY Project Consultant. The PLAY Project® (Play and Language for Autistic Youngsters) is an evidence-based intervention model created by Richard Solomon M.D. This model was created to help families of young children who have Autism Spectrum Disorders . The PLAY Project is based on DIR (Developmental Individual Differences & Relationship-Based)/Floortime™ model, developed byStanely Greenspan. For more info:

  • TELE-PLAY- Now serving families Nationwide with virtually based PLAY Project Training.

Advocacy for families who are needing assistance

with school related issues. This includes comprehensive consultation to help parents

navigate the educational system.

Services include: 

  • Classroom Observations for students who are having specific challenges in the school environment.

  • Detailed Reports with recommendations

  • Attendance and advocacy- IEP and 504 meetings.

  • Assistance in creating meaningful IEP goals and accommodations to best meet your child's needs.

  • School Record review.

  • Helping parents to determine and advocate for the best possible placement and services for their child.

  • Providing advocacy and educating about special education laws to help parents know their rights.

  • Assistance in helping to create a team based approach between parents and schools.